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Calcite Powder

Calcite Powder is a natural form of Calcium Carbonate with extremely high whiteness, purity and free moving in nature. White Calcite Powder is widely used in plastics as filler, due to its high dispersibility, low oil consumption, high impact resistance, clean surface finish, easy control, compatibility with polymers and other organic additives and excellent dimensional stability etc.

We are well known trader and supplier of high quality calcite powder LSp marble grit & core, this product is presented in different forms to fulfill the various requirements of the clients, calcite powder is used in the manufacturing ways of paints, pop plaster, white cement, pvc cables, poultry feed & cattle feeds manufacturing etc.


Minimum Oder Quantity :- 10 Ton


Maximum Order Quantity :- No Limit


Avaialble Grades (Mess) : 80# to 100# 200# 300# 400# 500# 700#

Packaging : Special Plastic Bags Packaging.